MYTH #6: I should be able to get a bad team to succeed

TRUTH: Even the best manager can’t make up for a bad team

If your team is not performing, ask yourself the following questions…

  1. Have I implemented and improved every possible process?
  2. Have I done everything I can to develop everyone to their best ability?
  3. Have I done all that is required to be an awesome manager?

If so, then you may have a problem…

Your team will only improve if they have the desire to improve themselves

It’s really tempting to try and change the attitude of someone who doesn’t want to change; as if your sheer will and determination will achieve it for them.

Great managers can’t meet goals with bad teams

You can’t work miracles. If you’ve got the wrong people, it won’t matter how well you manage. It’s time to think about hiring better people.

“You can’t turn lead into gold”

The faster you accept this, the faster you’ll be able to move on and build a better team.

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