MYTH #3: I must be with my team all the time

TRUTH: It’s how your team performs without you that counts

So many managers believe that they must be with their team all the time. 

They believe that if things go wrong while they’re away, then it’s simply a sign of how needed they are as a manager.


Your biggest test is how your team performs when you’re NOT around. It tests…

  1. Whether you have hired the right people
  2. Whether you have put the right processes in place
  3. Whether you have developed your team well enough to shine in any situation

If you are managing effectively your team will perform consistently whether you’re there or not.

“When something goes wrong, it’s either because there is too much process, too little process or the wrong process” Mihnea Galeteanu

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Problems will happen, stuff will go wrong. Please don’t assume that you’re the only one that can make things better.

  1. When do your team get a chance to spread their wings? 
  2. When do they get a chance to show what they can do without you?
  3. How do you get a chance to see who is able to take responsibility from you faster?

You might be surprised at what your team will be able to cope with in your absence!

You might have to work long hours, but you shouldn’t be online 24/7

  • Go out for lunch sometimes instead of always eating at your desk
  • Go for a five minute walk elsewhere at least a couple of times a day
  • Take the time to switch off when you’re not at work, during weekends or while on holiday


“But wouldn’t that put me out of a job?”

Technically, yes! In reality that never happens. Imagine telling your boss that you’ve now got room to take on more work. Everyone wins…

  1. You take on more work for the business
  2. You get more responsibility and career growth

TOP TIP: When you are taking a break, be careful what social media can say about you. Very few things are private these days. Presenting the wrong image when you’re off could severely undermine your management of your team when you’re back at work.

TAKEAWAY: The Time Off Test

  • Worried about your team’s performance when you’re off?
  • Can’t leave the team alone even when you’re ill?

Ask yourself these questions…

  • What is it you’re worried might go wrong?
  • What process could you put in place to stop that happening?

Talk to your team…

How can they take responsibility while you’re off? You’ll be an awesome manager when your team can run without you. So plan ahead!

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