MYTH #20: My team should care as much as me

TRUTH: They might not, and you can’t EXPECT them to

No matter how much you expect of your team, they’ll all care to varying degrees.

Everyone has different aspirations and motives. It’s very unlikely that they’ll all care as much as you do.

You can’t make someone care

But it’s still a measure of how well you manage your team.

The amount they care is determined by how well you manage them!

To become an awesome manager, you must be able to influence your team.

  • How they THINK
  • How they FEEL
  • How they choose to ACT

If you get the combination right, you’ll find that everyone will care more.


Are they hungry or happy?

The “Hungry”will be super ambitious.

The “Happy”… will be satisfied where they are and less driven to progress.

If EVERYONE is hungry that can be a nightmare!

You’ll have too many people vying for career moves at once, so don’t complain if you have a balance. It’s better 🙂

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