MYTH #18: It’s not my fault if people forget what I’ve said

TRUTH: Your team may easily forget what you’ve told them

Even the most successful people forget things sometimes

You might find yourself having to tell people in your team how to do something or what to do multiple times.

But remember, they’re human too… so you need to help them remember.

Stop it happening by following a couple of simple rules

“You never have to remember anything that you can write down” Albert Einstein


You must take notes all the time; in meetings, at your desk, even at home when you have an idea. Encourage your team to do the same.

Expect everyone in your team to keep and use a notebook at all times. If they arrive at a meeting without one, then send them back to get it!

(It’s ok to use notes on laptop or phone)


Our short-term memories can hold roughly 7 pieces of information for about 30 seconds. If you have more than 7 things that you need to remember, you’re already destined to fail!



No matter how clear you think you’ve been while speaking, everyone’s attention will wander slightly. Things can get lost in verbal communication very easily.

Take the time to make written handouts for any meetings with your team (either printed or in an email). It will make things clearer and save you time repeating yourself, or worse clearing up after mistakes.

As an extra bonus, writing it down first also helps you make sure you’re really clear before you speak to your team.

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