MYTH #17: Being a junior manager is easier

TRUTH: Being a junior manager sucks sometimes!

“Junior managers have less responsibility, it’s so much easier for them”


Senior managers might have additional responsibility, but they usually have way more freedom;

  • They can flex their time more (even though they say they can’t) 
  • They have better pay and perks, so can do more in their spare time
  • They often fly business class and stay in the best hotels
  • Some even have PAs and drivers
  • They have respect from all the staff (whether it’s genuine or not is another problem!)

It doesn’t sound as tough now does it?

You’ll often have responsibility, but without the authority or benefits.

It can be much tougher lower down.

Being a junior or middle manager can be the hardest thing, but for a very good reason!

“Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors” African Proverb

It’s there to test you. It’s there to see whether you’re good enough to make the grade to climb further up the career ladder.

Are you going to be good enough?

You must manage up as well as down

To make it even harder, you must act as the rope between the top of the company and the bottom.

No matter what your opinion of the people senior to you and their actions, you MUST stay loyal to the people above you.

It’s your job to cope with your differences, even if you disagree with what they’re doing sometimes.

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