MYTH #16: Managers don’t work as hard

TRUTH: A great manager works incredibly hard

Some people think all their manager does is walk around talking to people and giving work to others.

It’s true sometimes, but not in the majority of cases.

Great managers work just as hard, if not even harder

Great managers are constantly on the go; listening, suggesting, helping, developing, analysing, reporting, presenting, inspiring, empowering, educating and driving!

Perception is more dangerous than the truth

Even if you are working hard, if you appear not to be, this can lead to a big drop in effort and performance from your team.

Would you work hard for someone who you thought was being lazy?


Much of what you’ll do won’t look like work to your team.

  • Don’t be lazy. Work hard, very hard
  • Keep your team up to speed on what you’re working on

TOP TIP: Try to make sure you don’t LOOK like you’re standing around nattering all the time!

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