MYTH #14: Everyone will respect me as I’m their manager

TRUTH: Titles mean nothing. You have to earn it. Everyday!

Instant authority? Forget it!

It’s INSANE to think you’ll gain respect or have people listen to you just BECAUSE you’re someone’s boss.

Those that expect respect are usually the managers who everyone respects the least!

For new managers, at first it could get worse… 

Everyone in your team will be looking to you to prove yourself.

They might fake it, but if they do it’s because…

  • They know you already
  • They’re trying to suck up to you (which is just as bad)

Either way, they’ll only be able to fake it for so long.

Respect as a manager is earned, it’s not a right

You’re at the bottom of a mountain when you start out. Your new title doesn’t come with any REAL increase in power at first; it just comes with more responsibility.

You’d best get on and earn it!


Your team will judge you on how you act TODAY, not yesterday.

It only takes one bad thing to set you back a long way, as they’ll remember the bad stuff more than the good.

Treat every day as a fresh opportunity to become even better at leading your team.

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