MYTH #12: I must get everyone to agree with me

TRUTH: Healthy disagreement is a great thing!

It is very unlikely that your team are all going to agree on everything, especially with you!

“What’s right isn’t always popular, and what’s popular isn’t always right”

Just like any healthy relationship, a team that never has any disagreements can be just as dangerous.

It’s a sign of suck ups and yes men

Beware of people who agree with everything you say. How will you ever spot what needs to be improved if it’s only your opinion that counts?


“When everyone constantly agrees with you,

the only thing it improves is your ego”


Don’t duck from conflict

Many managers want to run from conflict, because it makes them nervous.

They bury their heads in the sand for fear of upsetting people. But what they don’t realise is they’re just making things worse by not addressing the issues.


Healthy conflict and discussion is essential to find out what is wrong and how to improve.

“It’s not what you do; it’s the way you do it – that’s what gets results” 

Opinions will differ as any team gets bigger. Use the opportunity to listen to everyone, as you’ll find some amazing potential solutions from the most unexpected people.

TOP TIP: The more you give your team the chance to discuss ideas and help improve your team, the happier everyone will be – whether you use those ideas.

Show that you’re listening

You don’t have to do everything suggested, but at least take all options on board.

People will respect you as long as you show them that you’re listening to their opinion.

Make a decision, even if people disagree with it

The ONLY thing that will frustrate a team more than their own opinion not being adopted is their manager making no decision at all.

Explain that you have heard their opinion and why you’re making a different decision.

If they continue to disagree with you, then it says more about them than you!

TOP TIP: Try to avoid saying “No” to any ideas people come up with. No matter how softly you say it, it’s negative and has the potential to prevent people speaking up with ideas next time.

While you may disagree with the ideas presented, you’ll achieve much more by reacting with a less negative response. Try and say something like…

“I can see why you’re suggesting that idea; can you see any downsides to it?”

It might seem uber-soft and huggy, but trust me it works!

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