MYTH #11: It’s easier if I do it myself

TRUTH: If you’re doing your team’s work, you’re the problem

When your team doesn’t deliver, it’s easy to get sucked into doing more of their work yourself.

I must do my team’s work if it’s not done”

You might be able to do it faster and easier than your team.

But that doesn’t mean you should do it

You could become overwhelmed by the workload very quickly as you get sucked into the detail, and you’ll lose the space to manage your team effectively.

It’s all about balance

This is good when work gets really busy or when someone is ill; leading from the front then is a must.

If you’re constantly working longer hours or missing lunch breaks to do your team’s work, then something needs fixing fast.


Many managers fail to set boundaries with what they should and shouldn’t do.

There are no points for the manager that’s always working longer hours to make up for their team’s poor performance.


Which of the following could YOU improve?

  1. Your team’s processes 
  2. Your team’s targets
  3. The consequences if targets are not hit

Don’t try and do everything

You’re just holding yourself and your team back…

  • How will my team grow if I keep picking up the pieces for them?
  • How will I be able to grow my career by taking on more responsibility if I’m always in the detail?

Remember, someone above you had to pull out of the detail in order for you to learn.

Things could take a little longer to start with, but it helps you develop a team capable of doing more.

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