MYTH #1: I’m the best at my job, so I’ll make a great manager

TRUTH: Being a manager is a TOTALLY different job

How many times have you heard this?

“I’m the best in our team, so I’m the best person to lead it”
“I’ve been here the longest, so I’ll make a fantastic manager”


Bad managers expect other people to be as good as they were, rather than developing and helping people to become even better.

You may have been the best or been there the longest, but can we be honest with each other from the start?

Being a great manager requires totally different skill sets and experience…

1. It’s not about you anymore. It’s about your team and how you can help them
2. You’ll need to learn new skills. It’s going to take time to get good at it
3. It’s going to be hard work, really hard work

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“But I’ve got an MBA”

Well done you, that’s great. But there is no evidence that it will make you a better manager. You’ve learned to manage a business, not necessarily manage people.

WARNING: Are you managing AND still doing your day job? Then it’s going to really test you to the limit as you now have two sets of priorities to focus on!

TOP TIP: If you’ve just started as someone’s manager, be honest with them about the fact you’re just getting to know each other. Make it clear that it will take time to develop a good working relationship, and that you want to work as hard as you can to be a great manager for them. You’ll be surprised how well being up front will go down… so long as you then deliver on it of course!

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