Become the manager that everyone wants to work for.

  • Breaks down the skills and behaviours of the best managers
  • Adapt and prioritise to your own development needs
  • Includes the stuff you’re expected to know, but rarely taught

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3 libraries, 15 stages and over 250 training modules

How your team think

Processes & Purpose
Planning & Priorities
Hiring & Firing
Empowerment & Delegation
Ideas & Decisions

How your team feel

Culture & Values
Emotions & Responses
Listening & Awareness
Trust & Leadership
Problems & Disagreements

How your team act

Communication & Confidence
Feedback & Performance
Change & Negotiation
Motivation & Inspiration
Targets & Rewards

Build and prepare your team to work at their best

  • Get the right people on board
  • Develop everyone to work at their best
  • Give everyone clear direction
  • Encourage ideas and action
  • Create opportunity for others
  • Develop people to be better than you
Stages: 5 | Modules: 85
"Develop the ability to influence how your team THINK."

Learn to create a great culture without gimmicks

  • Inspire people to work for you
  • Balance care with performance
  • When to listen, when to act
  • Handle problems and disagreements
  • Build trust and respect
  • Develop belonging, pride and loyalty
Stages: 5 | Modules: 84
"Develop the ability to influence how your team FEEL."

Learn to drive consistently high performance from your team

  • Set clear expectations
  • Make sure everyone understands
  • Give balanced and fair feedback
  • Develop confidence in others
  • Motivate through tough times
  • Reward the right behaviours fairly
Stages: 5 | Modules: 86
"Develop the ability to influence how your team ACT."