Become the manager that consistently delivers.

  • Adapt the coaching to suit your needs
  • Choose from face-to-face, remote and online
  • Assess your management ability over the course of time

Time to change the way management training works, in 4 easy steps

Step 1: The Method

Use the Healthcheck to identify where you most need help

Use the Framework to target the coaching for best results

Reuse the Healthcheck to track your ability over time

Step 2: The Content

  • No jargon; easy to understand, absorb and apply
  • Includes the stuff that managers need to know but rarely have the opportunity to learn
Video snapshots

Video summaries to help you learn more quickly

Downloadable Worksheets

Designed to align your training with your working day

Takeaway Tasks

Practical exercises to implement immediately

Interactive Slideshows

Adaptable slideshows for you to use with your team

Quick Quizzes

Test your management ability at the end of each stage

Final Exams

Test everything you have learned at the end of each library

Management Certificates

Supercharge your career - looks great on your CV!

Step 3: The Delivery

  • Bite-size is key, with a regular, 'light-touch' approach
  • Managers can apply and practice improvements immediately
  • Limits the time managers are away from their teams

Action-packed sessions designed to minimise business downtime

Personalised video coaching calls delivered on a one-on-one basis

Email and text coaching reinforces face-to-face and remote sessions

Step 4: The Healthcheck

Track your management ability over time

  • A combination of short, regular self-assessment and feedback surveys
  • Assesses your perception of how your team THINK, FEEL and ACT
  • Monitor specific improvements throughout the coaching lifecycle

No more than one 10-minute test per month

Integrate into monthly review processes

Monitor ongoing manager ability over time

Establish ROI of coaching investment