Learn to become an awesome manager.

The stuff you really need to know to develop happy, high-performance teams

Ideal for new, junior and middle managers

  • Avoid the most common management mistakes
  • Develop the confidence to shine in any situation
  • Learn the secrets you're expected to know, but rarely taught

My name is Luke. I launched my first business aged 23. Since then I’ve grown two multi-million pound businesses from scratch, with teams ranging from just me to well over 100 people, and I’ve got the scars to prove it!

It was while growing these businesses and consulting for many others that I experienced both the best and the worst of management, including my own mistakes.

I created THINK FEEL ACTTM as a best-of-breed coaching model for developing great managers who lead happy, high-performance teams.

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Learn to build and prepare any team to work at their best

Learn to create a great team culture without the need for gimmicks

Learn to drive consistently high performance from your team

Built upon the 3 cognitive processes which develop positivity and performance

What people THINK
What people FEEL
How people choose to ACT

About the framework

Targeted, practical and flexible

Aligned with the specific needs of individual managers

Limits time managers need to be away from their teams

Designed to adapt to the specific needs of your business

About our coaching

Choose from a selection of over 250 training modules delivered remotely, online or face-to-face.

  • Target individuals, groups or a combination of both
  • Choose the content of your coaching and the frequency of delivery
  • Use ongoing surveys to assess and track management ability over time